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With our broadly based competence teams, we can offer comprehensive overall packages through a project-specific combination of our experts.

A project example: We provide the planning of the cycle path network of your city with a corresponding information campaign including an internet portal, opening event and subsequent evaluation of use - all from a single source.

CASE - Mobility Innovation Consulting

It doesn't work anymore. The beautiful routine - more mobility, more cars, more roads - nothing more than memories. No metropolis in the world has solved its traffic problem by building roads. The American cities are sad witnesses of a vicious cycle that ends up in traffic jams. We think there is another way. Take a look around these pages, take a few ideas with you and get in touch if you think we should find solutions together.

Click here for the homepage: www.case-mobility.com

Core competencies:

  • Mobility services, electric mobility, autonomous driving
  • Innovation development and implementation
  • Business models and profitability analyzes
  • Market development and marketing

Your contact person: Dr. Bodo Schwieger

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Evaluation: mob.eValue

If you look back, you look ahead!

New mobility services are developing rapidly - parallel to changing mobility behavior, especially in cities. Great importance is attached to flexible mobility and the concept of shared mobility opens up new, more environmentally friendly ways of transportation.

Click here for Homepage: www.mobevalue.de

Core competencies:

  • Evaluation
  • Qualitative and quantitative data collection
  • Study conception
  • Analysis and reporting

Your contact person: Hannes Schreier

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Bicycle traffic promotion: Sustainable mobility and quality of life for city and country.

The promotion of cycling is an important part of modern transport policy and belongs in every mobility concept - whether at state level, in municipalities or in companies.

Click here for the homepage: www.fr.team-red.de

Core competencies:

  • Bicycle traffic promotion
  • Cycling concepts
  • Communication

Your contact person: Philipp Böhme

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Funding: myEurope

My Europe? Your europe? Our Europe!

The EU funding programs offer many opportunities to work together to find solutions to a wide variety of challenges, particularly in the area of sustainable mobility and mobility management.

Click here for the homepage: www.my-europe.info

Core competencies:

  • Funding advice
  • Application
  • Project management

Your contact person: Benjamin Techen

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Mobility management: mobi.MAX

Benefits everyone: Mobility Management

Mobility is a valuable asset and a crucial economic factor. In the future, it will be more diverse, flexible, networked and multimodal, digitization and climate protection are key drivers of the upcoming change.

Companies and municipalities can support this dynamic process with professional mobility management. With mobility management everyone wins: the companies, the employees, the municipality with its residents and the environment.

Click here for the homepage: www.mobi-max.eu

Core competencies:

  • Mobility management for companies and commercial areas
  • Data analysis and implementation advice

Your contact person: Dr. Johannes Theißen

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